St. Barnabas sustainable projects.

Barnabas farm project.

As a children institution we have come up with sustainable projects to enable us to meet most of our feeding needs. We decided to engage in a number of activities to meet some our need. We have 5 acre farm land where we are growing maize,vegetable and fruit crops. To get maximum produce from our farm we will fence up our farm , dig in a well, buy water cistern and do irrigation. By doing so will not be depending on rains which are un reliable to grow crops but will have enough water to do irrigation and hence maximize our production. We also have a plan of buying dairy cows whose milk will be used by our children and the extra for sell.

Barnabas chicken project.

We also have poultry farm, We keep broilers ( chicken for meet) and coming up will be setting up layers to provide eggs to our children.

Barnabas art and beads work.

Our boys and girls are so talented in some of the art work and beads production. We are training them in this, the articles which they make will be sold and in turn the money received to take care of some the needs in our schoold and home. When you buy our items you empower a child to get education.

More projects coming up soon!


Our Motto

Putting a Smile :)

Our Mission

To be a leading humanitarian assistance organization giving sustainable needs of the whole being.

Our Objectives

To minister to the needs of the orphans, the street children and the under privileged children, that is feeding, clothing them, paying for their education, medical care and giving them a place to call home.