St. Barnabas Missions school Curriculum

We are guided by the usual curricum cointainned in the 844 system of education in Kenya.we are a complete and competent primary school from class 1 to class the baby care unit,we have the baby class,kg1,kg2,kg3 and nursery schools. Our normal school day commence at 8 am and break for lunch at 1 with two breaks in the morning and midmornin. Afternoon classes start at 2pm and ends at 4pm where pupils break for games and go home for the day scholars..

Our institution has day school and orphanage which serves as a children home for the needy children while other pupils break for home in the evening.

We focus to the holistic development of our children, we encourage children to involve themselves in extra co curriculum activities. We also have story books and a games field and a room where the children meet for entertainment.



Our Motto

Putting a Smile :)

Our Mission

To be a leading humanitarian assistance organization giving sustainable needs of the whole being.

Our Objectives

To minister to the needs of the orphans, the street children and the under privileged children, that is feeding, clothing them, paying for their education, medical care and giving them a place to call home.