Our Needs.

Day-to-day needs

Barnabas has limited income (few of our children are able to pay school fees) so we rely on donations for the day-to-day running of the orphanage and school. See below for details of what we need. See also our Projects Page for details of projects that require capital (one-off) investment.

Feeding and sanitation

We have 43 orphans and 267 vulnerable children to take care of. 43 orphans stay in the orphanage, it costs $1.50 to feed an orphan for a day. It costs $68 to feed 43 orphans for a day and $1904 to feed the same for a month.To give a vulnerable child lunch, it costs $ 0.80. We should not allow long faces on our children because of hunger.

Our children also need detergent for their washing, soap and sanitary towels for our girls. A well wisher may donate in kind or send a donation for the same.

Salaries for workers

We have a team of 17 dedicated teachers in our two centers and 3 subordinate staff– Barnabas Main center Utange and our sister center at Kiembeni. Each teacher earns $104 each month. Two of our teachers have pals who support by paying their salaries; you may choose to pay salaries for 1 or two teachers each month. Thank you . We have two kitchen mothers who cook and one night guard who take care of our children. It costs $80.50 to pay 1 kitchen mother each month. To pay 2 kitchen mothers it costs $161 each month. A watchman earns the same each month. You may help pay 1 kitchen mother each month or as a one-off, it means so much.

Medical care

We have a health facility which takes care of our children health wise. Sometime the ailment in our childreb is severe so then we need to take them to a specialist. Treatment depends on the degree of ailment and the disease at which the child is sick about.We also perform regular medical check up to our children after every 2 weeks. It costs $100 fo a medical to make a routine check up atlist once in a month of all children in the orphanage.

Reading and writing Materials.

most of our children come from very poor back grounds; their parents/ gurdians can not afford to buy reading and writing materials. Many children therefore come to school without books, and writing materials. You may joinhand with us to buy stationery for our children monthly, quaterly or even yearly.

Our Motto

Putting a Smile :)

Our Mission

To be a leading humanitarian assistance organization giving sustainable needs of the whole being.

Our Objectives

To minister to the needs of the orphans, the street children and the under privileged children, that is feeding, clothing them, paying for their education, medical care and giving them a place to call home.